Writing a book has always been one of my bucket list items. I have written several articles for professional and technical journals and newspapers but always circled back to a novel. Each time I started to write a book, I simply talked myself out of it... It was too hard... I don't have enough to say... My book would only be ten pages long. But I still had ideas. In late 2010 when I began writing Alpha Threat, I made the mistake of telling several people what I was doing. They were thrilled! I, on the other hand, was amazed at how easy it seemed to be. I just closed my eyes, and saw this movie going on. All I did was write down everything I saw. First there were only a few chapters. Then came more and more. My family and friends were pushing me for the book. So on I wrote. The result was a book that I am proud of for many reasons. First and foremost, I finished it. Secondly, in my humble opinion, it is a great story. And finally, it is my first book! To see your name splayed across the cover of your own book is an exciting and humbling experience. I find myself constantly checking to see if this is a dream. But it is reality. I sincerely hope you enjoy Alpha Threat. A sequel is already in the works. And the funny thing is writing is becoming easier the more I write. So on I go... Keep on reading!

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